Courtney & Tim – Jacksonville Engagement Photographer

I adore this shoot, not only because this bride-and-groom-to-be are just adorable,

but also because the location has so much significance!

These folks, depicted below, are Tim’s great, great grandparents who settled deep into the heart of Georgia many moons ago;

their property has been passed down through the family for generations, where they still abide today.

To see the remainder of Courtney and Tim’s engagement session, view their gallery at Enjoy!

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Pellum Family Photos

Family photo shoot… for my OWN family!

Getting everyone in one frame, all looking and smiling with FIVE kiddos under the age of five… tricky to say the least!

Sweet Noel said, “Gigi… I have an idea. Can we take a picture with just the kids?!” Perfect idea!

Grandma Virginia and the babes.

 And any day is better with a set (or two!) of goofy glasses! 🙂

Oh, and we tagged on a joint birthday party for Allen & Morgan. 🙂

(Real cake not pictured… it fell over in the car — three times — on the drive over! Oh my… very thankful for secure lids!)

 The few remaining photos from the Pellum family shoot can be seen at 🙂

Deborah croft

Ginny these are beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. God bless.

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Strawberry Chocolate Trifle — Jacksonville Dessert Lover

If you know me at all, you know that I adore desserts.

Well, I’m pretty sure this one is my favorite (at least for the moment!).

This is only the trial run, depicted, but the second was MUCH prettier, with better proportions.

Step 1: Chocolate Cake. Bake a box of Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake by recipe in a glass 13×9.

I always bake a few minutes under the recommended time; undercooked is always better than dry, to me!

Step 2: Chocolate Ganache. Melt two boxes of Baker’s Semi Sweet Chocolate with 3-4 Tbl butter (or more as needed).

Stir until you have a nice, smooth consistency.

Step 3: Stawberry Puree. Blend 3-4 cups of strawberries Strawberries (I used frozen), 1-2 fresh squeezed limes or lemons, and a handful of sugar (1/2 c.).

*water, apple or orange juice may be needed for blending if using frozen strawberries*

My first attempt at making this had far too much strawberry puree, so I lessoned it on the second attempt.

Step 4: Strawberries. Slice 2 quarts of fresh strawberries (not pictured, sorry!).

Step 5: Whip Cream. I use organic for dairy, if I can help it. This was only a pint, depicted, but a full quart is best in order to cover/spread over dessert as needed.

Add powdered sugar (3/4 c.?) and vanilla (1 tsp) to taste.


 The Goods.

Here comes the fun part: layering!

Crumble half of chocolate cake in bottom of punch bowl.

Drizzle half of ganache over.

Add layer of half of your sliced strawberries.

Drizzle half of strawberry puree over.

Spread half of your whipped cream atop it all.

Before repeating the above layering, you should probably make a miniature sample trifle for yourself to taste. Go ahead, no one is looking, and I won’t tell! 🙂

Set aside a few strawberries to garnish, and chocolate curls or mini chocolate chips also make a lovely garnish, if you have them handy.

Cover and refrigerate until your guests arrive.


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