European Utopia, Day Nine

After walking approximately ten miles our first day in Paris, we decided to SLEEP IN the second day!

We grabbed a quick apple pastry and coffee – or “cafe” – and set out walking again, this time toward the Louvre.

We passed this several century old church along the way — Magdalenae…

…as well as some gorgeous storefronts!

Below is a breathtaking view of the Jardin des Tuileries – the Gardens leading to the Louvre.

We slowly worked our way in…

…and through!

Hmmm, what is it about Mona? She’s certainly popular!

For some reason, I just love this photo below!

We had a lovely meal at a sidewalk cafe around the corner (four cheese Brie pizza!) and continued on our way up the Champs Elysees.

We passed incredible landmarks as we made our way towards…

…the enormous Arc de Triomphe!

(to gain some perspective of her size, look in the background at the policemen at her base)

We wanted to make it to the Eiffle Tower before sundown, so we hired this cyclist to “drive” us along.

(and, let me tell you, it was no ‘vacation’ in this covered trike sharing streets with aggressive Parisian drivers!)

(I couldn’t help myself! I made him do it… please tease him for it 😉 )

Ha… and you can tease me about this!

We sleepily waited for sundown…

…to give you THIS before/after dusk view!

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European Utopia, Day Eight

After an EARLY morning and a fast train through the English Channel, we arrived in Beautiful Paris!

We had a bit of difficulty figuring out our north, with little help from the Frenchies, but after asking help from some midwest American tourists, we visited La Saint Chapelle, well known for her glorious stained glass windows!

The lower chapel had ornate paintings and a gorgeous ceiling, but it was nothing compared to the upper chapel…

The best of photos cannot serve them justly, and certainly not these!

A side-by-side- view of each end of the stained glass walls.

We then walked to the nearby Notre Dame.

We strolled along, across and up the Seine, through some quaint shops.

We set towards the Bastille, and happened upon Victor Hugo’s home along the way!

Gorgeous photos, Ginny. Looks like you two had a great time. I so want to go!!

I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for putting up.

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European Utopia, Day Seven

This was our last full day in London, so we decided to visit the last of the “touristy” must-see places!

First, we went to the Tower of London, former Fort/Castle/Prison, and current museum for crown jewels and armor!

Home to some valiant Knights, Gorgeous views…

and “Beefeaters!”

Unfortunately, no photography was permitted around the crown jewels, but let me tell you, there was some pretty fantastic “bling” to drool over — including one 530 carat diamond! It’s definitely worth researching 🙂

Additionally, we saw the Kings’ Armor!

Next, we went up atop the London Bridge for a higher view of the Thames

On our way to the Tate Modern Museum, we passed quite a few street musicians!

We could hardly stop to listen, for we had to hurry to the Theatre for the fantastic Play, Blood Brothers, at the Phoenix Theater, though there are no photos to document it.

Check back soon for the next leg of our trip: Paris!

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European Utopia, Day Six (Part Two!)

Entering the incredible Edinburgh Castle…

…with a peek of her gorgeous views (plus a silly Phillip face!).

After a tour of the Castle, we walked down the royal mile…

…and, of course, I had to have some delicious shortbread and with afternoon tea!

Every view was breathtaking.

Next time we’re in Edinburgh, we plan to hike this “hill” in the distance.

At the base of the royal mile – beyond all of the shops chalked full of kilts, scarves, cashmere, shortbread & haggis -is the beautiful Queen’s Gallery.

Just around the corner, lies a view of the actual palace:

After a glorious day, we headed back to the train station and made our (first class!) return to London.

janice watkins

love these beautiful scottish photos wish I was there thank you for sharing ………………..Janice

I truly enjoy looking at on this site, it has got superb blog posts.

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