European Utopia, Day Six (Part One!)

Before we left for our trip, we knew we wanted to make a day trip up to Edinburgh, so we travelled through the countryside by train. The views were amazing!

We started out at King’s Cross Station

After several hours on the train, we finally made it to lovely Edinburgh!

First stop: lunch!

And naturally, we tried the traditional Haggis, Neeps & Tatties as our appetizer!

After lunch, we made our way toward the Edinburgh Castle

Along the way, we met Bagpipers…

…and William Wallace!

Edinburgh is a truly gorgeous town!

Too many photos for one post! Check back later this week for Edinburgh part two 🙂

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European Utopia, Day Five

On this drizzly Sunday, we first went to a service at the Guards Chapel at Birdcage Walk

We took the tube to Brompton, home to London’s best shopping!

After stopping into our store, we wandered through the enormous, world-famous Harrods! 😉

And, naturally, our favorite stop was the confectionery!

After buying a few things, and NOT buying even more, we went back to church!

Phillip was thrilled to go to Holy Trinity Brompton, where Tim Hughes is worship pastor.

We were really tired after a few packed days, so we returned for a low-key night in Notting Hill…

and rented Notting Hill on Phillip’s iPad. Yes, yes we did.

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European Utopia, Day Four

In case you were wondering, this was our FAVOURITE day of our whole trip:  Tour of Shakespeare Country.

This was a bus tour, and — of course — we were running late AND got lost on the way to the bus station. We hardly made the trip, and sadly, were separated on the bus. Since Phillip gets a little carsick, I took the seat at the back…. with the non-English-speaking-Asians! Didn’t understand a word they were saying, of course, but their expressions and clothes were priceless.

First stop: OXFORD!

It was raining when we first arrived, but we were able to snap some photos later on in our tour.

It was absolutely breathtaking. And, bonus, a little C.S. Lewis and HP happened here 🙂

Bicycles, flower baskets, and lens flare all in one shot? So much lovely in one frame…

Classic old architecture, quaint shops, and rows of bikes!

Onward to Stratford Upon Avon, where Shakespeare’s Childhood Home is idyllically situated.

And, possibly my favorite stop of all: Henley Street Tea Rooms. Lovely, quaint, and delish: Happy!

Someone please open one of these in Jacksonville!

What did we order? High Tea, Fish & Chips, and a Jacket Potato. Perf!

Next stop: the Cotswolds to visit Anne Hathaway’s Childhood home. Unbelievably, she was considered the nobler match at the time, for her family had all of the amenities “modern” wealth offered. Smart man, that Shakespeare!

…complete with gorgeous grounds.

We returned to the flat to find dramatic skies…

…that later progressed into a double rainbow!

   Finally, we made it to dinner at the fabulous Churchill Arms just outside of Notting Hill in Kinsington…

featuring Pubfood and Thai. Needless to say, we stopped there more than once for their fab fare!

peggy hamrick

You, my dear, are incredible. You are an awesome photographer, also a beautiful and photogenic model as well. Also, I happen to think you’re the coolest girl ever! So proud of how you’re running hard after our Father, and so thankful that you have a husband who’s running right along with you. Praying for you & Phillip as well as for Grandmother & Mr. Gillis. Love you all! Mama Peg

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