And the winner is…!

Before we get started, I just want to thank EVERYONE who participated or spread the word. Please continue sharing the love and telling your friends about this photographer who’s (re-)new to the Jacksonville area!

And now, drum roll, Please!

First, I placed each name on separate slips of paper and tousled them.

Next, we folded each slip and shuffled them about…

And then threw them into a stocking!

Phillip and I spent the day with some of his family in Savannah, so I employed an adorable helper who just-so-happens to be my lovely little neice! 🙂

(and let’s be honest, you could never be upset at that cute face, even if she doesn’t draw your name!)

We jumbled, jarbled, squiggled and squaggled, and eventually, Miss Bri pulled out a name!

And the Winner is…. Ms. Kristin G!

Congratulations Kristin! Happy Shopping, Dear!

Thanks again, everyone else, for participating! Better luck next year 😉

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