Happy Birthday to US (you and me)!

Who doesn’t love a birthday? And even more so, who doesn’t love a gift?

 On my birthday this year, December 12th, I’m going to give YOU reason to celebrate!

“These are a few of my favorite {places to buy} things…” and I just know you will probably love them, too. Can I get an ‘Amen’ from any ladies out there?! And guys, here’s an opportunity to make your lady’s little heart happy. And the best part? Gift cards nullify that “no-buying-yourself-gifts-before-Christmas” rule! 🙂

So here’s what I’m giving to you:

 $50 Gift Card (in fabulous packaging!) to Anthropologie

 $25 Gift Card for iTunes

$20 Gift Card to J.Crew

And (in case you get thirsty while you shop), a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks

So what now?! How can you win these four gift cards, totaling $100?!

 House Rules:

  • ‘Like’ Photography by Virginia Hobbs on Facebook
  • Comment on this blog post (preferably something pithy and full of wit!).                                                                                                    **To comment, click the “leave some LOVE!” button at the bottom right hand of this post.**
  • Scroll to the bottom of this post and click “Share on Facebook” to tell your friends about this giveaway!
So how will this winner be determined?!
  • Each person who comments on the blog will have their name written on a sheet of paper and tossed into the Christmas Stocking. On Monday, December 12th, a name will be randomly pulled out of the stocking, and the winner will be announced on the blog and on Facebook. And, yes, this will be thoroughly documented!
  • A few extra notes:
  1.  All names must be submitted by NOON on Monday, December 12th, 2011.
  2. If the ‘winner’ of the drawing has not both ‘liked’ the Photography by Virginia Hobbs Facebook page AND shared this post on their Facebook wall, their drawing will be disqualified and a new name drawn.
  3. You can rope-in your friends, spouse, siblings, parents, and children. And also, for each time you “Share on Facebook” you can add another comment, increasing your chances to win (but do not re-comment if you have not ‘Share[d] on Facebook’)!
  4. Though it would be fantastic if the winner is local, this drawing is not limited to Jacksonville, FL… anyone in the continental United States is eligible 🙂

Good luck! May the best participant win 😉

Katie Hurse

Oh yippeee! Am I the first comment? I LOVE those stores ALMOST as much as I LOVE Photography by Virginia Hobbs! 🙂

Yippeee! I love giveaways. And I love you Gin 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

Kristin Hays

First off I have to say that this is going to be such a great giveaway! I used Photography by Virigina Hobbs for my wedding this year (August 13, 2011) and I am so glad that i did. With the 800+ pictures that i received on a cd I can capture my wedding day over and over by a click of a mouse. I am so lucky to have gotten a chance to meet Ginny!! She is so sweet!! Thanks again for everything you did on my wedding day Ginny!!


Happy Birthday! I liked your page of Facebook, shared this post on Facebook and now I am leaving you some blogger love! Hope you enjoy your birthday!

Carrie Tolosi

I love the pictures you have taken. I also love that you are a giving person.


I’m a new fan and love your work, & these gifts! 😉

Um, who DOESN’T love Photography by Virginia Hobbs?!?! All those who say nay should have to watch my kids while they are high on Skittles and chocolate milk.


I love all of the stores in the giveaway so HOORAY!Plus my hunny would love if i won so he could be off the hook for Christmas shopping. heehee!

I never win anything. Care to change that for me?!

Staci Shepherd

How thoughtful to think of others on your birthday. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all.

Karen Tidwell

I believe my daughter-in-law would be so happy if I won any of these prizes. I would give them to her if I won. (I hope that increases my chances since she is your best friend.)

Kate Kelly

GREAT idea Ginny! The site and photos look beautiful!

Dar-Isha (Redd) Bishop

I love the ima”Gen”ation you put into photographing these cards! P.S. I miss you at BSF.

Eliza Harper

I love Ginny’s photos so much. They have such an elegant touch. Not only are her photos super sweet but she is one of the coolest women of the street! Why is she so great? She has awesome give aways that I definitely do not hate!

Jennifer Solano

Loved the photo’s of our girls! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Happy Birthday!

Laurie Brinson

Thanks to your mother who birthed you on December 12th and thanks to you for being so generous!


So this year I might not need to write “from Santa” on all the presents I buy myself?!!?! Yippee!

Betsy Peters

I have nothing witty to say, but I will say that my favorite image/memory of you (concerning photography) is at Lydia’s wedding when you were romping around in the mud with your boots and silk dress trying to get a good shot from the other side of the pond. I can testify that if anyone hires Ginny as their wedding photographer, she will do WHATEVER it takes to get a good shot! If you hadn’t been IN my wedding, I would have loved for you to take my wedding photos. Love you and hope I win 😉


Gin, this is such a great idea! I love getting to share about friends’ businesses on Facebook…makes me feel like I get to be apart of it even from NC! I hope it drums up some serious business for you:) Love you!

Molly Tidwell

It’s that time of year again…I’ll still be making up for your high school graduation gift though (gosh, it’s tough to get ahead!) Think of my friendship to you: I’m about to go to the mall and get pushed around in a wheelchair to get your bday gift. That’s love. Or just give it to my M-I-L, and apparently that’s a gift to me too! 🙂

angie bridger

i love the colors and layout of your blog. very feminine. also love giveaways..so generous of you. good luck to me. ha

Jeanne Clifton

December birthdays are so much fun! You can imagine that all of the decorations that are put up – all the pretty lights are just for you. Happy Birthday a few days early to you!

This has to be the single BEST giveaway I have EVER seen. I love each and every place you are offering a gift card for!! My birthday is right after Christmas so this would be a birthday treat for me as well:)…I hope your b-day is absolutely filled with delight. So sweet of you to give like this!!

April T

Okay, so thank goodness for facebook homepages that led me to this! I have to say Ginny, that your photos are dream-like and beautiful. I wish I had an upcoming event in life that needs pictures. :o) Awesome giveaway btw!

Abby Stewart

because the great ones have 12/12 birthdays!

Abby Stewart

P.S. I can make you a princess castle birthday cake. or a train. or a pencil (but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see how that one comes out).

Bethany Butler

Happy Birthday Ginny!! Your pictures are amazing! We sure hope that you all are doing well-

Sarah Kaye

Oh my, you have good taste in gift cards! 😉 haha love them all and love my senior pictures that you did so much!!! 😀

Julie C

I just sat down to write my Christmas cards, only to find that the envelopes were too small! While on hold with the printing company I saw the link to your AH-MAH-ZING giveaway on my friend’s facebook page. Let me tell you, it turned my frown upside down! I wish you the awesomest of birthdays!

Staci and I cannot wait to become better friends with you guys. Hope to get together soon!

Dayle Sapp

Love your work! How sweet you are to give presents on your birthday!!!

Happy early birthday!!! So fun of you to do a give a way celebrating you! I’d love to win these things… I’d kind of feel like I’d need to buy something for you though 🙂

I already like your page and I shared it on the book.

Hope you and Phillip are doing well. Miss you guys and hope you are enjoying the Christmas season to the max!!!

Rachel Veitschegger

Happy Birthday, indeed! Send some warmth to me in Bend, Oregon!


This has to be the best giveaway ever! 🙂 We love you and your work so much!!!

Debbie Parker

This would REALLY make my beautiful redheaded daughter happy!

Laura Wallin

Happy birthday to You and to me! December babies are the best!

Hannah Hamrick

It goes without saying that I’m your biggest fan.
Happy early birthday. Let’s eat cake. 🙂

Renee Van Tassell

I’m a December baby, as well, so I feel your pain. Just so you don’t feel left out, I will wrap a roll of toilet paper and give it to you. Everyone knows women LOVE useful gifts!

Toni Ellison

Very kind of you to do this kind of thing. Hope your day is blessed and full of joy!! May God keep and bless you.

YAY! A very happy birthday to YOU! Ginny is the best name! Well, I am from Virginia so I might just be biased but still… God bless!

I’m a New Year’s baby, I get the “Happy Christmas and merry Birthday” thing a lot :/ But I love being born January 1!

This is a SUPER awesome giveaway!! Keeping my fingers crossed 😉


p.s. I guess I forgot the most important- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

Shannon O'Grady

Nice Work 🙂

June Mahan

I have seen your work and it is beautiful. This would make my December baby happy cause her mama could take her shopping 🙂


Happy early Birthday Ginny! I love the giveaway idea. This is so much fun! 🙂

Andrea Tyson

Hope your Birthday is as amazing as your pictures! I love this idea.

stew and peg

Ginny, you are too creative. Unbelievable! Well, if I won, I’d have to split the gift three ways – Molly, Hannah, and YOU since it’s your birthday. I think that should increase my chances of being chosen all the more! Just think how fun a shopping trip with the four of us would be…too good to be true! Love you!

Whoa momma! Jackpot! :o) Your photography is beeeautiful! Hope I win this little treasure trove of gift cards! 😀

yadira pelkey

wow! this would be awesome.. thank you so much for this opportunity!!!!!

Lizy Dilts

My favorite pictures of yours are when you came to visit Betsy after Jed was born…and you took pictures of him waking up in his crib. I know most people don’t care about crying pictures of babies, but they were so cute to me:) I love going through your albums, even if I don’t know who the people are!

Dea Arapi

People say pictures are worth a thousand words… Why are yours making me speechless? 😉

Dea Arapi

People say pictures are worth a thousand words… Why are yours making me speechless? 😉

Mirela Arapi

The only way your pictures would be better is if they were of me and you 😉

Bjori Arapi

vhobbsphotography brings all the girls to yard, and i’m like, it’s better than yalls. 🙂

Viginia Pellum Hobbs. What an incredible giveaway! I saw it all over facebook and had to see what all of the hubbabaloo was about. You’re amazing! And I’ve heard wonderful things about your photograhpy. Care to visit LA anytime soon?

P.S. Thanks for including all of the United States…those of us who live out west like all of those places too!

P.P.S. I already “liked” you on facebook. 🙂


Laura Carryl

Love, Love, Love your pictures. You seem to capture the unusual and the extraordinary. Keep your lens focused.

Mirela Arapi

We just love your photos!!! 🙂

Mirela Arapi

Contests rock my socks!

Megan Powell

Sounds like fun! Thanks so much.

Mirela Arapi

ABCDEFG. You’re the only best photographer I see. (This might get a little annoying. My girls are obsessed with this contest. Next time you should give a free,short photo shoot!)

Megan Sproles

Amazing give-away! Amazing pictures! Amazing girl! 🙂


This is a great idea Ginny! 🙂 Thanks again for doing a fabulous job on our photos!


Done and done. Love you! Miss you!

Kory Cobb

Ok, so I don’t own anything from Anthropologie or JCrew, its been TOO long since I have been to Starbucks (because I always have my kids with me and they whine if I don’t get them anything), and the last time I bought something on ITunes was Christmas 09….Please pick me!

Amber Rollins

So..that coffee date we need to have..you know, so we can catch up on the last ten years…what a great way to do it!!! ;)And I promise..this date will not involve photographing my family!

Katherine Wohlers

Ginny, I LOVE the photos you took of amber and her family. You are so talented! Hope you and Phillip are doing well! Miss seeing you!

Christina Cannon

Absolutely love!!


I would love to win this!!
PS love your photography


“Photography by Virginia Hobbs” gives photos new life. Her skills in photography can be compared to that of the doctors in ER. Every picture comes out clear after the resuscitation that Ginny brings.

I found you through Amber Rollins, and I fell in love with your photography! I wish we lived a little closer and could do a photo shoot.


Have you seen the Karen and Jason engagement pictures??? They are amazing!Thank you Ginny!!!


Happy Happy Birthday (early!) There’s free housing and yummy food waiting for you and your love if get the inkling to come this way to take some pictures of our little family 🙂 I love your pictures and I love YOU more. Have a fabulous Birthday and a very merry Christmas!

Katie Hurse

Ooo pick me pick me pick me! 😉

Great post!

Garrett C

I love Anthropology! Pick me!

Dea Arapi

This is how I’ll be if you pick me: :)))))))))

Karen Cannon

Looking forward to listening to Christmas music from iTunes and sipping on a Starbucks Mocha Latte while shopping at Anthropologie and J. Crew. 😉

Christina Cannon

Perfect giveaway! So sweet and thoughtful! Love, love, love!

Amanda Jordan

Sharing your Birthday with others is just the sweetest idea ever! You have the heart of a servant and I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure to have met you!! You’re photography is breathtaking. Im sooo looking forward to having you take pictures of my family! Xoxo


Love you Gigi


this is an awesome giveaway!! Just shared it again!

Sally Griner

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Ginny. Love your website!

Dea Arapi

Happy Early Birthday!!! One more day!!! 🙂

JoJo Miller

Great idea, Ginny! I hope I win!! It would make Christmas shopping much easier!(-:

Elle Smith

So proud of you – your work is beautiful!! Happy Birthday … What a fun way to celebrate by giving to others 🙂

Mirela Arapi

Oh, hey there… I know someone who wants to win your contest!!

Denise Partyka

Beautiful work!!

Felicia Krajack

I just LOVE…LOVE…LOVE this blog! Beautiful pics <3

Beth Palmer

This is the best giveaway ever! Ginny, I’m loving learning about our new camera! I often find myself telling people, “My friend Ginny told me…”. You are pretty much my photography hero. Love you!

Michelle Farrell

Happy Birthday!!!!! This is such a cute idea!!!!

Michelle Farrell

Well I thought I was sharing it only once because my computer was acting silly.


My wonderful friend, Rach, told me about this contest. So great and so fun! I liked you on facebook and told others about it on my wall. 🙂

I wish I was cool enough to host giveaways like this.

Trudye Weaks Blackard

What a lovely new idea. And, Happy Happy Birthday, Sally. Love you and miss seeing more of you. May God Bless you richly on your day and all the days to come ♥ Trudye

Karen Cannon

So excited for the drawing tomorrow!

Sheri Anderson

I have admired your photography for a while – the lovely Molly’s wedding photos were divine! (even her shower photos were divine -who knew such a thing was possible?!) What a great giveaway! I’d love to win, and I’d love to have you take my family’s photo the next time I’m in town! Happiest of birthdays to you!

Christina Cannon

Anthropologie fills my heart with glee,
And J. Crew’s clothes fit me to a T.
iTunes streams Bublé’s croon
While Starbucks keeps my days from gloom.
Giveaways are great to say,
“Happy Birthday” in a merry way!

P.S. Love your blog and photos! Happy Birthday! 🙂

Kristina Riggleman

Love Give a Ways!! Merry Christmas!!


That is such a sweet and selfless idea! Ginny, you did such a wonderful job on the Sutton wedding! I was in the wedding party and you certainly captured that day so well. You’ve photographed quite a few of my other friends’ families and I really enjoy your artistic flare. Hope you have a wonderful day of birth tomorrow!


Anthro is calling my naaame 😉


Such a fun giveaway! I don’t live in FL, but would love to just to have you do our fam pics. You have such a gift, Ginny!

It’s like a little piece of heaven on earth…all of these gift cards! Being the owner of Sarahdipity Photos I feel as though it’d be a lovely “serendipity” type of day to buy new unique gifts at each place and give back to all of those around me. – Btw, your perspective on photography is beautiful.


I’m afraid wit and pithiness are rather out of the question this late at night (too late for the brain to work well, still too early for the over-the-top zaniness that only severe sleep deprivation can provide… and besides, how could I top our poet Christina up there??) but I did “like” and “share” over on Facebook. The giveaway is doing it’s job spreading the word – I’d never heard of you, or seen your lovely photography, until a friend of mine shared the link! Now I’ve had the pleasure of looking through some of your beautiful photos 🙂

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday and Thank you!


Happy Birthday Ginny! This is such a great, thoughtful idea! What awesome giftcard choices! Fingers crossed….:)

Becky Konemann

Your work just keeps getting prettier and prettier! God Bless your business!

Mary Pellum

This is such a great idea, Ginny! Can’t wait to find out who will win!

Robyn Moore

Your photography is beautiful! I can not wait to see Jason and Karen’s wedding photos!Happy Birthday Ginny!

Dayle Sapp

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Katie Hurse

Happy birthday Ginny!!!! 🙂

Hannah E

Happy, happy, happy, happy to you! Merry, merry, merry to me!


BEST giveaway I’ve ever seen 🙂 Ginny, your heart shines through in your work! You capture the best of every occasion. Cant wait to see more and I hope to be able to use you soon! Loves ya!

Melissa Munger

Happy Birthday, Ginny! Love your photography and hope y’all are loving being back in Jax! Jealous! 🙂

Melissa Munger

Happy birthday, Ginny! Love your photography and hope you are loving being back in Jax! Jealous! 🙂

lynsey k

Omg so awesome.. happy birthday to you and hopefully happy Christmas to me!

Linda Smith

Happy Birthday!

Katie Hurse

Dreaming about Anthro right now… 😉

Love the blog

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