Our New Place (aka #Hobbsmakeahome)

For the past few months, we Hobbs have been TOTAL Hermits….

not intentionally, it’s just we’ve had an insane load of work on our hands! And here’s the proof:

We closed on our new home on January 31st, thanks to the best (and most patient!) realtor there ever was, Jeff Broome of RE/MAX Florida. If you need a home, he’s your guy. But before we had even finalized closing, a few “rough” sketches were drawn up (photographer turned architect, maybe?!).

Less than an hour after closing, walls were coming down. Now, let me interject here that we were a four-man-team: Deb, Allen, Phillip and me… later adding in Phil Sr. (aka SENIOR), with extra hands sporadically joining as their pity and love for us overwhelmed them (Thank you, compassionate friends!!). The work you are about to see was unbelievably time-and-energy consuming! Down the line (once I’m well rested!) if you ask me whether I’d be willing to do it all again, I may say yes…  but for now, I’m saying that I’ll NEVER do a project like this again!

So my goal is to take you on a “Before (& a few ‘durings’) & After Visual Tour.”

When you walk in the front door,  here’s your view.

You might need to turn on the fan, pending on the season. Good thing our outlet covers are updated.

And you might glance over the entire room to take it in. (Don’t worry: the lines are only wonky from lens distortion)

Ahh, look at that, there’s a sunny office. Let’s go that way!

This room will own most of my time, as it will be the office. And, it’s the very place I’m sitting while typing now.

When you leave the office, you’ll be facing the dining room, just beyond the living room.

We wanted the rooms to be a bit more open… so those walls just had to come down!

Obviously, when you think of a dining room, you automatically get hungry… so to the kitchen you go!

One day, we’ll probably paint those cabinets white and get a different faucet, but that day is no where in the near future.

Since a crowded kitchen is no fun, we cleared it right out…. and, bonus, those extra cabinets fit perfectly in the garage.

Turn around, and make sure to check out the hall. Originally, it was filled with three awkwardly placed closets. But we wanted to use the space a little better…. so they were clearrrreeeeed out!

The first room on your left is the Master Bedroom. Originally, it had a closet and bathroom in it, but sometimes those just HAVE to go so a husband can have his dreams realized.

Quite a few brawny guys helped tear this one out!

And just off the main hallway was the former guest bath. Since this is my favorite room in the house, you’ll see a few different photo combinations of before and afters, plus some details.

Can I get a HALLELUJER for that Clawfoot tub?! I’ve still yet to use it, but I’m thinking tonight may be the night to break ‘er in.

Glass walls still need to be installed in the new shower, but otherwise, we’re up and working.

Original faucet verses the newbie. If anyone needs a small vanity with sink, we have a couple extras in the shed…

(No, really. Please come and get them!).

Since the two guests bedrooms in the back corner of the house didn’t really change allllll that much  (other than losing their closets and some overall space), I didn’t bother with the before/afters. But here’s a view from the back bedroom looking toward the kitchen.

What was originally a furnace later became a closet. And we turned that closet (plus a little extra hallspace) into a guest bathroom.

And there are a few extra views on the before and afters from several perspectives. I was preeeettttyyy elated to find this vanity on sale at Southern Crossing for our guest bath. Yeessss!

We are so very grateful for the many hands that helped us get here; we desired a home for years, and the Lord has given us this gift. I mean in no way to brag or boast as I know it’s nothing to which we’re entitled, but a genuine gift of grace.

Without the help of our parents, this home would not be possible! So, overall, we tore out six closets, two bathrooms, and a few superfluous walls. We added back in a Master Suite complete with walk-in closet and enlarged bathroom, and a hall bath.

If any of you wish to see the home complete with furniture, you’ll have to visit in person… visitors welcome, of course! I hope you enjoyed seeing the fruit of our months of labor!

Aunt Sherrie

Ginny, I am so happy for you and Philip! What a great job you did with turning your loaves of bread into baskets of blessings!! It is a beautiful home! Can’t wait to come and see it on my next trip to the Westside.
Aunt Sherrie

Your new home is beautiful, Ginny! Sending blessings and love for many happy years there!! Xo


It’s beautiful, Ginny!! Y’all did a wonderful job! Congratulations on your new home!


This is absolutely beautiful. So glad you found the perfect house. May God bless you both with many happy years and wonderful blessings. Thanks for sharing.

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