Happy Birthday to US (you & me). Winners announced!

I apologize for you keeping you all on pins and needles as you were awaiting your name being called as winner! Yesterday my Mom kidnapped me for a day on the town, and some very sweet friends threw me and my Birthday Twin, Mel, a lovely surprise party! It was delightful! So now, for the moment you all have been awaiting:

In order to draw the lucky winner, I first had to write out the names of all of you fabulous entrees!

Second, it would be very difficult to draw a name or two when they’re all stuck together. 🙂

Third, as I was placing all of your names in the stocking…

…Grandma Virginia pulled up for a visit. Perfect timing!! She is to thank for drawing this year’s names for us!

And the winner of the Anthropologie, JCrew, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble gift cards are…

… MRS. RACHEL DEE!! Congrats, Rachel! 🙂 I am so terribly glad you won; use them well!

And winner of the gifts from Girly Glam, Reina Cookies, and Sassy Sweethearts Boutique is MRS. CARLY REYNOLDS! I was so elated when Grandma drew Carly’s name, as she has two adorable little ladies who will LOVE being accessorized and a little man who will greatly enjoy Reina’s cookies!

And lastly, the winner of the Mini session goes to the writer of this poem:

There once was a dog, Herminone is her name.
She belonged to Ginny – her claim to fame.
She likes to play and she likes to sleep.
She likes to travel and doesn’t even make a peep.
Her favorite thing to do is to run with dad.
Whenever he is home, that really makes her glad.
If you happen to see her with Phillip and Ginny,
Talk to her sweetly and don’t be a ninny.


Mrs. Jeanne Clifton KNOWS that I’m a sucker for my pup, and she wins on account of persistence and creativity. Can’t wait to photograph your sweet family, Mrs. Jeanne! 🙂

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