Happy Birthday to US (you & me), 12.12.13!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the time has come for us to celebrate!I love you, I love presents, and I love birthdays…

Now you can enjoy my birthday  – December 12th – with me by winning some fun gifts!

This year we will have three different winners:

1) Ginny’s “a few of my favorite {places to buy} things” with the usual gift cards to my favorite places.

2) A local affair: gifts from some local small business owners. This will be a family-oriented prize.

3) A free mini session for the participant with the wittiest comment/entry on this post.

So my first favorite is of course Anthropologie; this goodie contains $100.

My second favorite is J.Crew, and this gift is $50. Be sure to get Ashley as your personal shopper… she’s the best!

Third, who doesn’t LOVE expanding their music library. iTunes is a must for $25.

And finally, find endless hours of entertainment/learning with in a great book!

Or in my case, audiobook while I edit your photos. This B&N card is for $25.

And now on to our SECOND prize!

There are a few local businesses whose products I adore, and they’re partnering with me this year to make the giveaway even better!

I’m REALLY excited to share these products with you now because they make the perfect gifts for your loved ones and additions to your own holiday!

My Dear Friend, Jobeth, makes the adorable necklaces and bracelets! Check out Girly Glam’s Facebook Page!

Reina’s Cookies will make your day… week… life. These cookies are incredible! Order some, now while you wait to win.

Reina is giving away a dozen cookies to you, our winner.

Their website is here or try their Facebook Page. Or better yet, try these yummy cookies!

Sassy Sweethearts Boutique is giving away a $20 credit for their adorable girls accessories, specializing in hair bows.

Click to see their Facebook Page or Pinterest Page .

So, the official rules of the drawing are as follows:

  1. Follow Photography by Virginia Hobbs on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (simplyVH), or Instagram (mrsvhobbs).
  2. Follow all of these small businesses pages on Facebook: Girly Glam, Reina Cookies and Sassy Sweethearts Boutique.
  3. Comment on THIS blog post (bearing in mind that the wittiest/funniest comment receives a free mini session!).
  4. Share this post on the social media of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram (#photographybyvirginiahobbs).
A few extra notes:
  1. All submissions must be made by Noon on Thursday, December 12th. Winners will be announced that afternoon/evening.
  2. You can recruit your friends, spouse, siblings, parents, and children to increase your chances (maybe they’d share their winnings?!).
  3. Each time you share this post on social media, you may add another comment, increasing your chances to win (but do not re-comment if you haven’t re-shared!)!
  4. Though it would be fantastic if the winner is local, this drawing is not limited to Jacksonville; anyone in the continental US may join!

So how will this winner be determined?!

Each person who comments on the blog will have their name written on a sheet of paper and tossed into a Christmas Stocking.
On Wednesday, December 12th, a name will be randomly pulled out of the stocking, and the winners will be announced here on the blog.


Good Luck & Enjoy!

Katie rice

Woooohoooo!!! You are the sweetest!

Brittany Winnie

HOBBSy birthday to yooooou! 😉

John Winnie

Happy birthday, Ginny!

April Taccati

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already! While I would love the grand prize, amazing btw, I would adore having a mini photo session I just have to think of something witty, so I will re-share and that will give me time to think of something! I hope your birthday and holidays are simply wonderful sweet Ginny!

Carly Reynolds

Happy birthday Ginny!! We could not be happier with our holiday photo session!! You somehow made Grady look like he wasn’t crying the whole time.

Beth Peeler

Call Genny for a good time!!!
Good photos and memories that is…. 🙂

Virginia Dear, nothing would say “I am excited for my best friend to come back to the US!” like picking me to win these gift cards. Be a pal! 🙂 Lots of love.

Sarah Grace Kaye

Love the anticipation of this giveaway each year! 🙂


It’s oh so ginn-erous of you to share gifts on your birthday! (See what I did there?…”ginn” like “Ginny” 😉
A very happy birth month to you!!

Rachel Dee

I volunteer as tribute!

winnie acree

so exciting for you and us!!

Christina Cannon

This excites me each and every year! Happy early birthday!!

Sarah Grace Kaye

Shared it again 🙂 Now I’m just “sitting, waiting, wishing” haha

Becca Morris

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my name, so pick me maybe 🙂

Hannah Hamrick

oooh, oooh! pick me, pick me!
I’ll bring you home something real nice from Kstan. 😉


You can avoid carpal tunnel by just giving me first prize. K? Win. Win for all 🙂


Oh and I also shared on Instagram AND Twitter just now!


Have A great day. Please Pick mY family for a photo shoot. Be prepared Isla Really likes you and colin THomas Does like An older ladY.

My wittiness is coded! A game for a game!

Christina Cannon

These are a few of my favorite things! …besides brown paper packages tied up with string 🙂

Karen Cannon

Happy Birthday!

April Taccati

Thanks for celebrating our very merry un-birthdays with these special gifts on your Actual B-day! :o)Celebrate good times come on!

Keandra Ewing

I think you’re really beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up.

You can never go wrong when you quote Elf. I do think you’re beautiful, not sure about the other part. 🙂 Your birthday is becoming something I look forward to each year. Thanks so much for doing this. I’m sharing on Facebook and may the odds be ever in MY favor.

Christina Cannon

Love, Love, Love!


I need to go shopping. That is all.
AND Happy Birthday <3


“Insert a really cool poem much like the ones you dad writes at Christmas.”
Other than that I love your photos and you have a really cool giveaway. 🙂

Karen Cannon

Sharing again!

Maddison Dorminey

Theres a girl, her name Ginny
Her pictures are so pretty, but I’m not witty.

That’s all I’ve got.

Maddison Dorminey

I forgot to include that I shared and will continue to.

Laura Jane McCue

Jesus wanted me to tell you to pick me. Oh, He also wanted me to tell you and all other contestants how very much He loves y’all. Happy Birthday!

Rachel Dee

He-who-must-not-be-named said he will come for your “Hermione” if you don’t pick me!

Shared on Facebook. Again.

Karen Cannon

Excitement is in the air!
Wonderful gifts everywhere!

Eliza Wittman

There are seasons in life when give-a-ways are particularly handy,
like when you’re a poor newlywed who needs a gift for Randy.
But let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind a gift card to keep
And if I win I will definitely leap!
I believe this poem may be more cheesy than witty
But hey, it’s only fitting!:)

Happy Birthday Ginny!

Sarah Grace Kaye

Shared again – The excitement is building… 😉

Jamie Fennell

Happy early birthday Ginny! Beautiful gifts, gorgeous pictures and sweet memories.


I am thinking if I talk about your dog – you will pick me.

There once was a dog, Herminone is her name.
She belonged to Ginny – her claim to fame.
She likes to play and she likes to sleep.
She likes to travel and doesn’t even make a peep.
Her favorite thing to do is to run with dad.
Whenever he is home, that really makes her glad.
If you happen to see her with Phillip and Ginny,
Talk to her sweetly and don’t be a ninny.

(okay that last line is really not that great)

I shared this again on FB.

Jennifer Pearson

Happy birthday!!!

Christina Cannon

This is just so delightful!

April Taccati

Shared again! We are just all so excited for your birthday. :o)

Elizabeth Dilts

I am really hoping I win the local giveaways…Gideon’s curls are getting way out of hand and I need some new bows. Happiest Birthday!

Christina Cannon

My J. Crew and Anthro catalogs came in the mail today! Must be a sign! 😉

Happy birthday day girl!! One of these days we should make it back to bold bean for coffee. 🙂


A haiku
Hermione is brown.
Her fur is very curly.
She is a good dog.

I shared again.
BTW – Happy Birthday


Surprise! I shared again 🙂


Happy birthday! So glad to see such awesome gifts!! I mean, with all the healthy posts between you and your hubby regarding vegetables hotdogs (i will never forget the carrot in a bun – one day i will try it) and detox, I was almost expecting bunches of bananas and bags of kale! 🙂 these prizes rock! 🙂

Christina Cannon

Sharing again! 🙂

Karen Cannon



Happy Birthday!!
This is such a fun way to share your birthday…

April Taccati

Shared on Pinterest…I feel bad sharing again in a way because that means you have another entry to write and at this rate you could be writing all day! I would be willing to help you with this situation and end it right now.. :o)Be blessed!


If you select me, I will lavish grace on you for placing a four legged ginger on my head while I was slumbering. You’re welcome.

{shared on Facebook}


If you aren’t first, you are last……..I don’t like being last!

Pick me deary! I ❤️ u!

Stephanie Scisco

Happy Birthday!


There are many pretty things at the Anthropologie store.
I don’t go too often since my money would be done for.
Now Thomas likes J. Crew and shops there often.
So a Gift Card there would be rather awesome.
An iTunes gift card would be really great.
More music on my iPod would be first rate.
Barnes & Noble gift card for Twenty-Five.
Audiobooks are a must when we go for a drive.
Girly Glam – those necklaces are all dazzling and sweet.
Especially when they are worn by my granddaughter Reese.
Reina’s Cookies look all decadent and delicious.
I am sure that they would be good and nutritious.
Sassy Sweethearts Boutique makes the cutest bows.
Those adorable models sure can strike a pose.
I have followed the rules, shared and tried to be clever.
Happy Birthday To Ginny – I have a feeling it will be the best one ever!

Christina Cannon

Hip hip hooray for such an splendid giveaway!

Karen Cannon

Happy birthday, sharing your awesome site again!

Brittany Winnie

You were there the day I went from a Naylor to a Winnie. I’ve lived my entire life with the “Nail her” jokes, so please make me a WINNer with my new last name ; ) Mwa!

Christina Cannon

This is practically perfect in every way!

April Taccati

5th time a charm. :o) Shared again!


I can’t top my mother’s poems. I think she needs to win the ‘most clever’ 🙂

But, I shared again and would love to win!

Karen Cannon

Anthro, JCrew, B&N, and iTunes, too!
Gifts galore from Ginny’s favorite stores!


Hey Ginny Ginny,
Your gifts are so many many,
Birthdays are so fun fun,
Okay I am done done.

I shared again…

Christina Cannon

Always stocking my favorite dresses,
Never short on pretties for my tresses,
There’s jewelry and books,
Home goods, too,
Really love this store,
Oh, how I truly do!

Manny Avila

Hey you, don’t turn around, I’m talking to YOU!! You want a chance to win some GREAT GIVEAWAYS from my friend Ginny!! Click the picture link above and enter to win….I AM! Still wondering if you should click….JUST DO IT!


Q: Who is late to the party but still hopeful?
A: My entry in this giveaway!

You are such a sweetheart for doing this each year. I have an adorable dd whose birthday is just 2 days past yours that I would be glad to share these gifts with if you were so sweet to pull my name from the stocking. 🙂 Off to share!

Keandra Ewing

I shared again on Facebook.

Jennifer Isaacson

May the odds be ever in my favor? With no Avada Kadavra? God blessed me with sooooo many things. Wit is not one if them. Ha. I did do everything required to enter though. ☺️ And omg those cookiesssss. Not. Helping. The. Diet!


Okay – so this poem is really lame. And don’t tell my boss that I just spent part of my work day doing this…Anyway – I shared.
It was the week of Ginny’s birthday,
And all through her house.
Hermione and Phillip were hiding gifts.
They were as quiet as a mouse.

She found one, then two,
Wait there are three.
She was so excited,
She felt like the queen bee.

She opened them up,
And much to her delight.
Diamond ring and a necklace,
Oh what a sight.

But the third one was heavy
And very big.
So with great excitement,
She danced a jig.

She opened and gasped,
What could it be?
It’s a pot of gold!
“All this for me?”

The decision was made
To have a big party.
She invited her friends
And made a meal so hearty.

They sang Happy Birthday
But much to their surprise.
Ginny gave THEM gifts
Of High Fives and Ducky ties.

Everyone was happy
Including Hermione.
She jumped and barked.
And everyone said “Yipee”!

Christina Cannon

J. Crew

Happy birthday Ginny and happy anniversary to US! We are celebrating 4 years on 12/12!!

Yay for Ginny’s birthday! I think you’re the only person I know who gives other people presents for her own birthday. Sweet girl!

Rachel Dee

Carrie Underwood said that when she was filming “The Sound of Music” last week she wanted to sing “JCREW, iTunes, Barnes&Noble, these are a few of my favorite things” but they wouldn’t let her.

Christina Cannon

I love to always play
Tunes from Mumford and Bublé
Under the sky and pine
Near the Florida-Georgia line.
En route, I sing as I roam (to)
Savannah, my family home.

April Taccati

So a perfect day: Casually shop in and out of stores like anthro and j crew (actually being able to purchase things) then make my way to Barnes and Noble enjoying a nice cup o’joe while perusing through books then end my day picking out sweet tunes on ITunes in my home enjoying the smell of my new anthro candle, I could definitely get you a b-day gift, just let me know what your wanting! hehe.

Karen Cannon

Winning isn’t everything, but is sure would be nice!


This is better than Oprah’s Favorite Things!!


This is so much better than Oprah’s Favorite Things!!

Leslie Goforth

I shared… after reading all of these comments, I don’t know that I can even compete and come up with something cute or funny or witty!?!?!

G-enerous Ginny
I-s so
N-ice and
N-eighborly to share her birthday presents with me and

that’s all I’ve got, but I’ll brainstorm and share again and see if I can make a witty comment then!


I’m still sharing ❤️❤️


….and on Instagram and Twitter 🙂

Kim Jernigan

Happy Birthday!! Rylee is much more witty than I am so I asked her what to say and she says “it not her birthday it Jesus birthday but her can have a cupcake! Do she like chocolate?”

Stephanie Scisco

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Cindy Hewiett

Birthday twin to our daughter!! Happy Birthday Ginny!!

Oh phew, almost forgot!!

Shared on Facebook, my dear!
Happy happy happy birthday 😉

alina kodatt

Rolling the dice and holding my breath…totally worth it for an Anthro or JCrew giftcard.


A Short Poem
Happy Birthday to Ginny.
I hope you have many
friends to help you celebrate
and bring you chocolate cake.
December is a busy month but still
there is time to make a big deal.
‘Cause birthdays don’t come every day
so make it special in every way.
I shared again.

Christina Cannon

Basking in book
About adventures far and wide
Really is my favorite thing
Next to chicken that is fried;
Everyone may not know it
So this, in you I confide.


Now I’m watching a story
On a couple, Bonnie and Clyde;
But, honestly I’d rather read it and
Let my imagination take a ride,
Especially with a cup of coffee by my side.

Laurie Brinson

At my age, one must ration one’s excitement. – Countess Violet Grantham. But at your age, you can get excited as you please so I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest! Shared on Facebook.

Christina Cannon

Love this movie and quote – it could not be more perfect for you and your sweet giveaway!

“Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS.”


I give up. I can’t compete with Jeanne. But happy birthday to you sweet lady!!


It’s me again 🙂 I shared!

Stephanie Scisco

Its almost birthday time, woo hoo!!

Lauren Weita

Happy Birthday Miss Ginny!!!!!


My baby napping an hour longer than usual is the only reason I have time to enter! I already feel like I have won something!


Less than 24 hours until your special day.
Not much time left to enter your Give Away.

Prizes galore and there are so many.
Happy Birthday one day early to you sweet Ginny.
I shared 🙂

Rachel Dee

Help the poor grad-student-wife! Pick me!

Rachel Dee

Shared this puppy on twitter. Blasted it to over 35 followers! Across the world!

Eliza Wittman

I’m resharing!:)

Christina Cannon

Sharing on Twitter again!

Karen Cannon

One more day!

Christina Cannon

Happy Almost-Birthday!!

Keandra Ewing

One more day til your special day and the giveaway!!! I shared again on Facebook. Third times a charm or at least that’s what THEY say. I pray it’s true.

I liked all the facebook pages!! I’d love love love to celebrate your bday in this way!! PICK ME 🙂

Jennifer Isaacson

I reshared on fb today… Looking forward to your birthday possibly more than you! It’s the best day of the year!

Reasons I need to win:

1. Summer misses you.
2. I lost 30+ lbs since May and need new clothes.
3. I think your photography is dreamy.
4. I miss you.
5. Audrey’s first word was Ginny.
6. Those awesome necklaces would look look freaking awesome on my girls.
7. I’m hungry. Those cookies look incredible.
8. I love you.
9. Your hair is awesome.
10. If I can’t win anything else, I’ll just take your scarf collection. Mmkay?


I am not witty, and it’s oh such a pity
This girl’s pics are so pretty, and that’s my best ditty! 🙂
(Gah! Terrible, I know 🙂

Bethany Moore

I look forward to your Birthday every year! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day!!

April Taccati

Almost that time! Happy birthday eve. :o)

Leslie Hoback

I REALLY want to win so I think I have entered every way possible!! Here is what I did (not sure if we need to list it all out or not, but just in case, I want all my entries!!) 🙂
-I already follow your photography page on FB
-I shared the link on FB again
-I liked each of the 3 other small business pages on FB
-I already follow you on Pinterest
-I re-pinned the link to this blog post on Pinterest
-I follow you on Twitter now
-I re-tweeted your link to this blog post
-I follow you on instagram now
-I posted a pic on instagram and tagged you in it 🙂

I think that is all! I really really really hope I win something!!!

Karen Cannon

Ginny, dear
Your special day is almost here.
Excitement abounds
As the winner is found.
Three cheers to you
Is many too few.
With a kind heart you share
Showing how much you care!

Rachel Appelo

Dear Ginny,

Twenty-nine, is a special age
No matter the year, we all rage
For annual advancement, yearly additions
To our counted annums, and older conditions.
I request, you award the nurse
With a brim-full heart, and an empty purse.
She wishes you, the best of joy
Fun with your friends, and love with your boy.
Happy Birthday, I hope it’s the best.
May this special day surpass all the rest!

<3 🙂
Rachel Appelo

Christina Cannon

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Leslie Hoback

shared on FB again! happy birthday in exactly 59 minutes!! 🙂

Summer Barker

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”

Stacey Murphy

Happiest of Birthdays to you Ginny! Thank you for showing us that happy is the heart who beats for others!


Giving it one last shot. Just in case you forgot: I need to win these :-))


….and for good measure, I shared again on Instagram AND Twitter!

Katie rice

Happy birthday Ginny! Love you!!!!!!

Stephanie Lundquist

Cookies in tummies and gift cards to spend. Girly glam things everywhere to no end. Cute hair accessories and family pics for the spring. These are a few of my favorite things!

Katherine Sicotte

Funny & witty…hmmm. I’m a 3rd grade teacher in public school and I have a hilarious 7 year old. The humerous comments usually come out of the mouths of my students or my son! My son responding with “I know, right?!” when I am complaining about something which always makes me laugh or a 3rd grader opening his Tupperware of fried chicken at school with a song similar to the Hallelujah chorus!



Maddison Dorminey

So I shared like 5 extra times. Enjoy your day!


Happiest of Birthdays to you.
This is my last poem too.
I know you are relieved
to not have to read
any more lame verses I compose.
My poetry store is closed.
So there is nothing else left to say
Except have the Happiest of all Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Ginny!
I shared one last time!

Eliza Wittman

I just reshared 🙂

Stephanie Scisco

Happy Birthday. Hope you have an extra special day!


I wish you a merry birthday,
I wish you a merry birthday,
I wish you a merry birthday,
(And a gift card for me).


You don’t know me,
You just know my sis,
But I so love your photos,
That this seems amiss.

But for photos and fun
We would happily drive
Back to my hometown
For a shoot, to say “hi!”

I’ve written, and poemed,
And shared this today.
I’m wishing, and hoping,
Crossed fingers and prayed.

So Ginny, oh Ginny,
Please say “yes”, not “no”
May this out-of-town girl
Win a lovely photo?

Karen Cannon

Happy Birthday, Ginny!

Karen Cannon

What a pleasure
to win the treasure
Ginny is so sweet
to give us this treat!
Happy Birthday, Ginny!

Christina Cannon

Happy, happy birthday!!!

Rachel Dee

Happy Birthday Ginny! I hope that Philip makes your day great! And maybe you’ll make my day great by choosing me!??! 🙂 Love you!

Rachel Dee

Today is the day, Willy.
Everything you own, will be MINE!!!
(name that movie:)

Once again, tweeted this post!

Christina Cannon

Soo excited!!

Christina Cannon

Sharing again on Facebook!

Karen Cannon

Birthdays are fun
with balloons and cakes
to celebrate.
Gifts to open
family and friends to greet
make celebrating a special treat.
But Ginny shares
showing she cares!
Happy, Happy Birthday!

Leslie Hoback

Happiest of days today, Ginny!! (Shared again on FB) 🙂

Christina Cannon

Sharing one last time! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!! 🙂

Joe Hoback

shared on FB right at noon on the dot, so hopefully my entry still counts even though I am commenting after noon… trying to win this so I can buy Leslie some awesome Christmas presents!! 🙂
Happy Birthday, Ginny!


I have shared this (reluctantly) on Facebook, and have checked back repeatedly to see if a winner has been announced. Does that count extra?

April Taccati

This is it for my entries!(Shared on twitter) Thanks for being generous and doing this giveaway in the first place. I hope your birthday was everything you wanted and more! God bless. :o)

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