World’s Cutest Puppy – Jacksonville Pet Photography

Hey Guys, My name is Hermione, though I really like to be called “Shmerms” or “Puppa.” I’m pretty much the cutest.

I had to take over my human’s blog for the day because she wants to start showing you all some personal pictures, and hey, I’m a human’s best friend, right?

I know some humans might not be really crazy about the fact that I’m taking over — like Aunt Molly. But Aunt Sara up in Chattanooga just LOVES me and will be so excited to see that I’m taking over. Anyway, here’s a few of my tricks… it’s how I keep my humans as putty in my paw.

First things first: RUNNING IS THE BEST. I sometimes like to play keep away. My humans are so slow, they can never keep up.

Second… this is a trick of the trade: the weepy, blinky eyes. Whenever they are eating the good stuff (not that hard kernel-y food they give me, but the REAL stuff), I sit by that tall thing they keep their food bowls on, and I give them the blinky eye. Dad is like a rock… he never gives in and gives me the good stuff, but Mom sneaks me food whenever Dad’s not looking.

But don’t tell him that she does it… I don’t want the goodness to stop!

Third: I’m just pretty much the cutest. I bet you can’t handle this head twist. Yep, that one’s a trademark, too.

Sometimes if the blinky-eyes trick isn’t working, I’ll go for a head twist… neither of my humans can resist me when I give the head-twist-look!

Fourth: Tricks. I mean, what can I say, I’m a crowd pleaser?!

I must admit, I just really don’t like to lay down in the itchy-grass. But when I’m on plush carpet, I’ll do anything you ask.

I especially like rolling over, but what self respecting lady will get grass and leaves in her hair?! Here’s a “grass lay” for you, since you were polite.

Dad here really likes it when I stand. I say, again, I’m a crowd pleaser!

And of course it would be so rude if I didn’t offer to shake paws every now and again. RUDE.

But here’s the thing, ya’ll. I ESPECIALLY love other humans. New ones. Neighbor humans are pretty fun… it’s really fun to see Mom panic when I cross the road when cars are out.

Little humans are my favorite though… especially when they’re short enough for me to lick their face.

I like to taste three days’ worth of food smeared on their lips and cheeks…. THE BEST!

That’s about it for now guys. Do you have furry friends?! Please tell me about ’em! Mom says she’ll have a reallllllly fun furry friend show up next time she shows you pictures.

I was really jealous when I smelled his scent on her when she got home from the photoshoot. 🙂

Well, it’s second breakfast and then third nap time for me… I’m really busy and pretty tired from protecting the house. But maybe sometime I’ll write again.

For now, here are a few more looks for you to remember me by!


Aunt Molly wholly approves of the blog-takeover. 🙂 And don’t tell Hermione any different!

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