Christina-Laurin – Jacksonville Portraits

I had the privilege to meet this lovely lady last weekend at a Conference for Christian Counseling in Community…

And I’m so thankful I did!

Christina-Laurin is headed to the LA Dream Center to intern and “learn the ropes” of how to bring help and the hope of Christ to individuals in serious need, for the purpose of the replicating their system here in Jacksonville. I love the calling and passion she has for the people and the needs of Jacksonville, primarily the need for Christ.

CL asks that you join her in praying these requests:

* For me: ~ that my eyes, ears, and heart would be opened to hear Him clearly and obey without hesitation.

~ that God would prepare me for the calling He has placed on my life, both to change me and my perspective, deepen my faith and challenge my heart, while continually humbling me, and also to use me to make a difference in others’ lives

*For the city of Jacksonville: ~ that the Christian community would interrupt the lives of unbelievers with love, because The Gospel truly changes everything.

~ that God would prepare the way for a local Dream Center


For more information or for updates, visit her website:

To see more of her gorgeous photos, visit her gallery at

Be blessed and enjoy! I can’t wait to see what is in store for her beautiful life! <3

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